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Automated Multichannel Sales Engagement Platform

All-in-one sales platform to generate new opportunities on autopilot for SMBs


Automate manual routines and focus on closing deals

A one-stop shop that delivers your message across all platforms

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Helps you discover leads, identify MQLs and SQLs, engage with prospects, close deals, and scale your outreach efforts.

Best-in-class sales engagement tool that streamlines your sales opportunities.

Full-cycle sales engagement solution

Find Leads

Find, enrich, and manage your ideal buyers from different sources to build strong lead lists in a centralized hub.

Nurture Relationships 

Develop and maintain relationships with your leads at every stage of their journey.

Reach Out

Deliver your message accross multiple channels to your leads, while keeping every touchpoint on every platform personal.

Generate Opportunities

Book demo meetings and convert your leads into customers on autopilot.

Streamline Your Entire Sales Process

We help you find and qualify leads, engage with them through various channels, and generate sales opportunities, so you can close more deals.

1. Discover Prospects

Import your leads from any source, and we'll find & verify their contacts.

Automated Lead Imports

Reach out to new leads automatically, and keep your prospect base updated from various sources.

Auto Lead Qualifications

Automatically qualify leads and add them to your outreach campaigns if they meet certain criteria.

Contact Data Enrichment

Reveal emails, social accounts and other crucial data about your leads to for successfull outreach campaigns.

Prospects Management 

Organize contacts from different sources in one place and turn them into powerful segmented audiences.

Email Finder and Verification

Twitter Finder

Data Enrichment

Lead Lists & Segmentation

Multiple Blocklists

LinkedIn Finder

Social Prospecting

Data Cleaner

Advanced Tagging


2. Outreach to Your Leads

Build personalized outreach sequences to reach your MQLs on the platforms they use.

Multichannel Outreach

Build automated outbound sequences across multiple channels to reach out to your leads.

Comprehensive A/B Tests

Determine what works best for your audience by testing different versions of outreach messages or sequences.

Personalized Messages

Automatically draft tailor-made messages and images to capture attantion of every prospect.

Templates Library

Save time using message templates or entire reachout sequence templates from our library.

Multichannel Sequences

LinkedIn Automation

Email Automation

Twitter Automation

AI Writer

Message Quality Checker

Sending Identity Rotation

Auto-Replies Detection

Message Variables

Images Personalization

3. Generate Opportunities

Manage conversations with replied leads and generate new opportunities into your pipeline.

Consolidated Inbox

One place to manage all prospect communications from different sources and channels.

Comprehensive Analytics

See insights on your reach-out performance, allowing necessary adjustments for improved results.

Mini CRM

Track interactions and use pipeline stages to effectively nurture relationships and closing deals.

Integrations and API

Integrate and connect with your existing toolset to make software do all routine tasks without grabbing your attention.

Global inbox for all channels

Real-time analytics

Built-in mini CRM

Native Integrations with CRMs

Third-party Integrations

API Access


Detailed Reports on every step

Data Exports

Buyer Intent

4. Scale and Grow

Close deals and scale your business while maintaining full control.

Multiple Projects & Identities

Ideal for brands managing multiple products/services or agencies managing several clients.

Account Warmup

Increase your message deliverability across all channels, whether it's Email, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Team Management

Manage your team and facilitate collaboration among members while keeping them aligned.

Accounts Safety

Make sure all your identities are not being blocked by using an AI movement model that Mimics natural user behavior

Email warmup

Accounts warmup

Multiple Organizations Mana

Multiple Projetcs Management

Multiple Sending Identities

Multiple Campaign Management

Team Roles managements

Dedicated IP via Proxy & VPN

Custom limits and working hours

Mimics real user behavior

How Can It Help You?

Inbound Sales

Automatically nurture warm leads at every point of their customer journey. Did someone visit your website? It's time to identify him and connect on LinkedIn!

Account-based sales

Scale your execution of account-based sales to convert more target accounts into customers while keeping a personal touch with everyone.

Staffing & Recruiting

Source and reach out to potential candidates at scale and engage with your entire candidate base to stay top of mind.

Outbound Sales

Reach out to cold leads using an omnichannel outbound approach, which reduces manual work and amplifies generated opportunities.

Business Development

Build strong relationships by reaching out to potential partners at scale and systematically keeping in touch with your partner network.

PR & SEO Linkbuilding

Connect with media to get coverage and reach out to bloggers & directories to build SEO backlinks on autopilot.

How It Works

We transformed labyrinthine sales tasks into a smooth sailing journey where closing deals becomes part of your everyday repertoire!


Find Prospects

automatically import your ideal buyers from various sources.


Enrich them with data

enrich your leads with valuable and verified data.


Reachout to them

using automated omnichannel outreach capabilities.


Auto Follow-ups 

Automated cold outreach to deliver your message.


Talk to Replied Leads 

Build and nurture relationships with potential customers.


Schedule Demo

Book meetings with SQLs and work on the new partnership


Close Deals

Congrats, you just got new client. Repeat, and scale!

Congrats, you just got a new client! Repeat, and grow you business.

- Get 1-Month Free Trial - is Much Cheaper Than Hiring a Full-Time Salesperson

Automate your lead generation to fill your pipeline with new opportunities was created so that entrepreneurs and sales professionals like you, who don’t have time to waste on manual prospecting, can easily turn cold connections into sales conversations across the most popular channels


Email automations

Custom Sequence Builder

Prospect Management

Lead Lists

Campaigns Manager


per month

per identity


Everything in Pro plus:

Email + LinkedIn automation

A/B tests

Template Library

Team Management

Email & Social Warmup


per month

per identity


Everything in starter plus:

Performance Dashboard

Unified Inbox

Block Lists

Global Inbox

Automated Lead Imports


per month

per identity

Not Sure?
Get 1-Month Free Trial

Not sure which plan suits you best?
Schedule a live demo and get 1-Month Free trial.

For Partners & Agencies

By becoming our partner you get access to exclusive pricing of up to 50% off, as well as all support and documentation you need to help you become successful with the best Sales Engagement platform on the market.

  • What is a Multichannel Sales Engagement Platform?
    A multichannel sales engagement platform is a comprehensive tool that helps you generate more sales opportunities by leveraging various communications channels to interact with potential customers. At the core, this sales engagement platform facilitates: Prospecting and generating leads Reaching out to your leads using multi-channel outbound Handling conversations with your potential customers Generating sales opportunities and managing deals It's a crucial asset in the modern sales landscape, centralizing and automating tasks that traditionally require significant manual effort.
  • How does it help my business grow? What are the benefits?
    Our sales engagement tool is designed to simplify and automate tasks routine sales and marketing tasks, which leads to: More connections with potential customers More deals in your sales pipeline Shortening sales cycles Reduced sales and marketing costs Increased ROI Allowing you and your team to focus on crafting strategies rather than engaging in daily routine tasks. Our sales engagement tool integrates seamlessly into your existing setup, offering multi-channel marketing outreach and omni-channel sales approaches using personalized touches with prospects and customers.
  • Is this platform suitable for startups or small and medium-sized businesses?
    Absolutely, our sales engagement platform is made for solo founders and small-to-medium-sized businesses! It automates 80% of manual sales and marketing tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters the most - closing deals. And it's hundreds of times cheaper than hiring a full-time salesperson! Startups and SMEs can benefit enormously from the array of features offered.
  • What are the core features of your tool?
    Key features include: Lead Discovery: Prospect and find your potential customers and then enrich them with verified contact data. Automated multichannel cold outreach: Seamlessly connect and outreach to your prospects through various channels, including email, LinkedIn, Twitter, third-party apps, and API. Personalized Experiences: Utilize customizable templates, variables, and image generation to craft personalized emails and messages that resonate with your target audience. Analytics and Insights: Gain critical insights into your campaign performances, allowing for data-driven strategies and constant improvement. Integrations and API: connect all your favorite tools and automate 80% of your work to focus on what truly matters. Leveraging these features, our sales engagement platform is your one-stop solution for generating sales opportunities on autopilot.
  • Is there a trial period where I can test the features before committing to a subscription?
    Yes, we offer a trial period that allows you to fully explore and experience the rich features of our sales engagement platform before you commit to a subscription. In addition to that, you can book a demo, and we will showcase all system capabilities, so it will be much easier to decide for you. Also, we offer free 1-on-1 onboarding for annual subscribers, which means that we will help you set up all your systems and software to leverage the most out of
  • How to Get Started?
    Book a call with us, start a trial, or buy a subscription! If you have any questions - just let us know, and we will help you set everything up!

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